MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt
MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt


MOQ Custom Made Tee / Apparel / T-Shirt

Dear Our Valued Customer,

We provide a lot of different colour / various colors / numerous / multi-colour T-shirts including unisex t-shirt for men and women in bulk (group purchase, group buying, personal and individual, wholesale, retail, customizable)

We helps you in finding the right colour for your t-shirt personality, individual, exclusive which you want to design / custom made depends on your requirement.

So, dear you can customize / create / design your own fashion style elegant on your unique favorite special colour Tee Shirt.

Our T-shirts are made with high quality material, reasonable price, eco-friendly, very soft comfortable to wear, ventilation / breathable, moisture absorption.

We provide custom made with any cut and patterns on your colour tee which depending on your idea, taste, interest, inspiration, favorite and budget.

Multi-colour tee shirt will be the latest trend in corporate team building t-shirts design. Nowadays, a lot of teenagers, customers, business, merchants are looking for various colour tee in order to daily expectation wear the t-shirt again and again.

Colours often have different meanings in various cultures and colour is a powerful communication tool and even influence your mood and emotion daily.

Different colours different moods such as you can pick a colour shirt to wear to shopping or working based on the mood daily.

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160g 26S / 100% Singleknit Jersey Comb Cotton Eco Dye


Custom Made for : College Students Outfits, University Hoodie Leisure, Office Worker Hoodie, Univerity Sweat Shirt, Autumn Winter Wear Sweat Shirt, Younger Fashion Sweater Hood, Teenager Pocket Hoodie, Class Sweater Group, Celebration (Graduation, Anniversary), Sweet Couple Set Hoodie, Lovely Family Day Set Sweater, Team Work Building Hoodie, Game Unite Sweater, Bosom Friendship Sweater, Buddy Friendship Sweat Shirt, Genting Highlands Travel Trip Team Hoodie, Choir Sweat Shirt With Hood, Club Hoodie, Outfits Good Look Sweater, Easy Match Sweater, Event Hoodie, Activity Cooperate Sweater, Corporate, Advertising Plain Hoodie, Company Business Sweater, etc...

Dibuat Khas untuk : Muda Remaja Pakaian, Fesyen Kumpulan Kelas Baju Sejuk Poket, Perayaan (Siswazah, Selamat Ulang Tahun), Hari Keluarga Baju Sejuk Cameron Highlands, Baju Korporat, Baju Pengiklanan, Pasukan Kerja Pakaian, Baju Pelajar Kolej, Pakaian Universiti, Pasukan Koir, Baju Perindustrian, Persaudaraan Baju Set, Pasukan Pelancongan Pakaian, Peristiwa Acara dan sebagainya.

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